RAF 3D offers on site 3D scanning services to different industries across Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC



With our laser 3D scanner, we can meet most industrial standards. The blue-colored lasers allow for scanning dark or reflective surfaces with higher resolution and accuracy, which is difficult for other scanning methods.


LED scanning is the right choice if you need a fast turnaround time and high-quality 3D scanned models. The ability to rapidly scan objects makes this method an excellent choice for speed.


For those who need to capture the texture and color of an object, we offer 3D scanning solutions in color. Color scans are an excellent alternative to photogrammetry and a good option for video games, fine arts, and the film industry.


You will receive two versions of your 3D scanned item, one with optimization and alignments and another with raw data. We deliver files in 3mf, stl, or obj format.

Bell housing scanned by RAF 3D
Shining 3D


This collection of renders features a variety of 3D scanned parts, each carefully reconstructed in digital form. Combining multiple scans makes it possible to create composite models that would be very time-consuming to generate from scratch.


I reached out to RAF 3D to scan a part and convert into a 3D model. As this was my first time using a 3D scanning service, the staff was friendly and took the time to educate me on the process. The service was quick, and they provided a high-resolution mesh file of my part. I highly recommend RAF’s service to anyone looking for a fast and high-quality scan for their personal and professional projects.

Brendan Chong

Client Image


aerospace using 3d scanning


The aerospace industry relies on 3D scanning to create accurate designs and parts for aircraft. It’s a critical element of design projects and is commonly used by aviation companies.

3d scanning in automobile industry


3D scanning is a valuable tool for the automotive industry, allowing for the creation of high-quality parts quickly and easily. It captures complex geometries and dimensions with greater accuracy than CAD.

Film, Game and VFX industry using 3d scanning services

Film & VFX (CGI)

In the film and video game industry, 3D scanning is used to re-create real-world objects digitally on the screen. It allows filmmakers to scan objects and turn them into realistic CGI and visual effects.

reverse engineering using 3d scanning

Reverse Engineering

3D scanning technology enables reverse engineering by providing accurate measurement data to reproduce objects as they were originally manufactured. It can save time and maintain accuracy.

3d prototyping


3D scanning allows for the efficient production of prototypes by quickly acquiring the dimensions of a model. It helps reduce incongruities between different versions of a design.

manifacturing using 3d scanning


3D scanning technology is widely used in manufacturing to capture detailed data of physical objects, which can then be used to create precise reproductions or modifications. Many manufacturing companies utilize 3D scanning services like ours to create aftermarket parts with high accuracy and efficiency.

healthcare industry using 3d scanning


Healthcare professionals use 3D scanning technology to design and manufacture orthoses or prostheses for their patients. Non-contact 3D scanners allow for this.

3d scanning historical objects

Art & Culture

3D scanning technology creates highly accurate art representations, such as statues, columns, architectural pieces, etc. It enables digital archiving and preservation of such art and can even be used to create detailed replicas. You can also turn your art into a 3D model and sell it as an NFT!

using laser 3d scanning to scan cultural and historical objects


3D scanning technology effectively captures intricate details and dimensions of historical artifacts. This technique enables the preservation and documentation of these artifacts in a digital format, allowing for further study and analysis. With 3D scanning, we can bring history to life in new ways and gain a deeper understanding of the past.

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